Real Estate January 31, 2024

Meet Fred… a rescue from one of our listings

Meet Fred… a really cool laid back cat that loves to hang out and enjoy the sun.


Fred was rescued from a home listed for sale by Alice and I.  The owner was moving to a facility that did not allow pets and there were no family members that lived nearby that could keep him.  A kind neighbor was feeding him and caring for him for a little while, but that was only temporary.  As pet lovers we knew we had to find him a permanent home.  We found a loving family in my neighborhood that wanted to adopt him.


Things were turning around for Fred.  He had a new place to live and a family giving him lots of attention and love.  However, the new owners were concerned about a lump on his eye.  After a trip to the vet they discovered it was a rare cancerous growth on his eye lid.  Fred was going to need surgery to remove the cancer and his eye.  The family made him his own instagram page and started a go fund me page to help with the surgery.  They worked with a friend and an amazing organization, Beyond Nine Rescue who arranged to get the cost of the surgery reduced.


I am happy to report the surgery went well and Fred is doing just fine.  You can check out Fred living his best life @just_fred_29.


Thank you to this wonderful family!!!